​Here you can find the list of the most remarkable projects that we’ve completed for our clients.


Cisco ASA VPN Setup

We set up a VPN tunnel from the client’s onsite ASA to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via TeamViewer.


Fixing the Issue with Cisco AP Сonnection with WLC

We helped the client to solve an issue that they had after the network switch was restarted: the AP were not registering with the Cisco WLC.


Network Security Planning/Switching

We helped the client to separate IP addresses for each of their servers (around 30) and offer firewalling. We also assisted with the setup for the Internet router and a firewall to allow firewalling for each server in its own VLAN/routing.


Azure IaaS – Networking – Troubleshooting the Site to Site VPN Tunnel

The client’s Site 2 Site VPN Tunnels were going down at the Azure end. We diagnosed this issue and gave recommendations on how to resolve it.


Network Setup by Using VLANs

The client needed help configuring the Cisco switch and router for their network. They were planning to have multiple VLANs connected to the switch, each of which could have had over 100 computers in it. We guided the client on this process and programmed the switch/router via GUI/CLI.


Cacti Template Creation

We helped the client to create a template to be imported into Cacti so they could monitor several devices of this type.


Tracking Down the Information Leaked from the Network

The client experienced a data leak from their internal network to the Internet and needed urgent help. Our security experts detected the traffic that was going from the Exchange 2016 server through the firewall to the Internet.


Fixing the Amazon Web Services SSL Issue

The client’s Amazon Web Services SSL certificate was not applying. We used Team Viewer to help the client set up the SSL for their website.


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