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Network and Information Security

Our vast expertise in network protocols, firewalls, and communication network design allows us to plan and implement the network infrastructure according to the latest security standards. Moreover, we can proactively spot any possible issues before they affect the performance. We deliver the following network & information security services:

  • Deploying and troubleshooting IP protocols
  • Layer 3 routing and layer 2 switching
  • Servers and applications load balancing
  • Managing multilayer networks, data centers, service providers, WAN, LAN, MPLS, QoS, Internet infrastructure, traffic engineering
    ISP Services: L2TP tunnel switching, VPDN, IPVPN
  • Radius Integration: Free Radius (LDAP, MYSQL) Aradial, Cisco ACS
  • Wireless: Maintaining Cisco wireless controller, Cisco Aironet access point

Web Application Security

Modern hackers constantly invent new ways of breaking into websites, stealing important data, compromising the business, etc. However, with our web application security services you will no longer worry about cybercrime. We use the following methods to protect your web resources:

  • Secure gateway
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Security policy
  • End-to-end encryption
  • NAT policy
  • Content filtering
  • Web Application Firewall systems
  • Auditing & tracking

Windows / Unix / Linux Server Management

A server downtime can negatively impact your business, so it’s crucial that you have all of your physical and virtual servers up and running. We at K.M.A. deliver premium server management services across all platforms, and they are as follows:

  • Implementation, management, and maintenance of the UNIX and Linux OS (FreeBSD, SunOS, Solaris, Centos Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian) on the company servers
  • Managing NFS, ISCSI files systems, permissions, security, user management, network services
  • Installation, management, and support of the Open Source solutions
  • Web servers: Apache 1.1, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, NGINX, PHP 4/5
  • Database servers: MySQL - tuning and optimization, High Availability, replication, backup and restore
  • Design, installation, and support of the MS Server architecture
  • Storage systems: NetApp FAS 22xx, 32xx, Open Filer, Open NAS
  • Managing aggregates, LUNs, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS, integration with Linux, Windows servers and VMware
  • Cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Softlayer, RackSpace


With our virtualization services, you will significantly save costs on physical servers. Having extensive experience in the field of VMWare VSphere ESX 3/4/5/6, professionals at K.M.A. Technology Consulting will support you at each stage of virtualization on Windows and Linux platforms. We specialize in the following virtualization solutions:

  • Managed virtualization environments by using VMWare
  • Creation of clusters for High Availability (HA) and Distributive Resource Scheduling (DRS)
  • Migration of physical servers to virtual servers by using VMware Converter (P2V Converter)
  • Performance tuning of VMware servers
  • Management of server resources between virtual machines

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